Thank you so much. Using the Active Cream, Mild OIl and Soap Bar I can wear shorts for the first time since my teens. I am thrilled. Thank you.
My husband has suffered with psoriasis for the past 20 years. He has been on every type of steroid and immune suppressant medication, none of which have worked. He has been using this cream for 1 month and the results are impressive, psoriasis is 90% better. (he has switched to a plant based diet and used homeopthy too, but the cream has definitely played a huge part in the improvement). There are so many products out there that claim to work, but this one really delivers. Please give it a try if you suffer with psoriasis or eczema.
My 2 year old son suffers from eczema, and has been from the age of 4 months. Anyone with eczema will know, it’s horrible. During an eczema flair-up, there is little relief, and this is very distressing for a child and parent. So happy that I was recommended this product , as did not want to use more steroid creams on Liam. After the forth bath the Eczema has started to clear and now I can safely say it is no more an issue! For now I don’t need to use it any more but when the cold weather starts again the eczema might flair-up again, this time I’ll know exactly what to do!

Very effective cream!

This cream has made almost all of my body psoriasis symptoms disappear while before this I had lost any glimpse of hope. Despite its high price, it’s definitely worth trying and getting used to live a less troubled and uncomfortable life.

My son have had psoriasis for 5 years. His body was very scaly and covered with plaques and patches all over. His condition was catastrophic The problem wasn’t only physical but also psychological since Patrick started thinking of himself to be much worse than of others and his self-esteem was beginning to decrease. But 5 months ago a true miracle happened and I was advised to buy this PsoEasy cream. The effect was surprisingly rapid and my son’s body psoriasis symptoms were significantly alleviated: the amount of patches was diminished and the degree of scaling decreased. The cream is the best psoriasis treatment we’ve tried so far.

Half a year ago I was almost desperate, After years of switching from one dermatologist to another and after incessant scratching. I did not know what to do, then a friend brought me your product …… In a few weeks I feel like a new person- Stop the itchy rashes and all skin problems! My quality of life has risen in recent weeks, Thank you PsoEasy for caring and willing to help May you continue to help many more! 
I have been using PsoEasy Cream for three weeks already. I found it by chance on the Internet; I got advice at the forum. I tried hormonal ointments, but as soon as I stop using them – everything is back, though the result is visible very quickly. Thus, I decided to try the plants-based cream, the doctor said that the result will not be quick, but I should be able to achieve stable remission. For three weeks of use I’m very happy with the result. I got rid of peeling on the 4-5th day. Now there are some spots but new do not appear, itching passed and I regulated my sleep.
Thank God for PsoEasy! I can wear thongs again!! 🙂 Michelle
From a young age I suffer from allergies and very severe itching in the body and face. In recent years as a result of the various allergies (fragrances, house dust credit, vanilla, cinnamon and such) I have developed a skin disease called seborrhoea, some doctors have also diagnosed it as a type of skin asthma or otherwise called atopic dermatitis. At the beginning of the skin disease I still had ways to deal with medications I would get from dermatologists, but over time the effect of the ointments and pills decreased until it reached a state where the drug stopped having any effect, I felt at a loss and felt ashamed to have to walk around with a face I no longer knew puffy and red for all hours of the day, until one day my mom introduced me to PsoEasy, it was recommended to her by a good friend. At first I was afraid and even strongly opposed to try because I really tried everything and nothing helped me, but suddenly after a few times I used the cream of my life changed and I do not exaggerate, the light came back to me, every day after shower I apply to the affected areas and my face came back against all odds I Thank you for the privilege I have been given to use PSOEASY cream and soap. This is simply the best thing that has happened to me in recent years. 
Just wanted to email and say thank you for creating a product that actually works. I use the moisturiser whenever I have a flare up and, after a couple of weeks, it’s often completely gone. I’ve had bad reactions to soaps and sanitisers during lockdown which resulted in dry, red and itchy hands. I started using Psoeasy and, after about 3-4 weeks of regular use (while also trying to cut down on harsh hand sanitizer and harmful soaps) and I’m so impressed with the results. I’ve attached a before and after photo for you. 
Best, Shosh
Being a long term eczema sufferer, this cream has absolutely given me the best results! I am so happy to have found this product and recommend that you try it! It smells good too!
Hello team PsoEasy 👋 I just wanted to share my success with your Active Cream and my never ending gratitude that my sister Susie Risbey came across it at a local chemist! After having a baby last year, I developed a chronic case of contact dermatitis which was set off by almost everything I was having to use as a mum; nappies, baby wipes, hand sanitiser, hand wash, moisturiser and any sort of gloves! My hands would dry up, blister, crack, bleed and peel. I tried everything from prescription ointments to antibiotics! It would heal slightly but then flare right back up again. It was frustrating and painful. At times I could not bend my digits 😔 This went on for an entire year until I started using your Active Cream twice a day (morning and night). It was immediately soothing. The itch, burn and sting was finally at bay 😀 Within 2 weeks my hands were completely back to normal!! I am forever thankful 💜
For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from Psoriasis and nothing I did would make it any better. However, after about 1 week of using the cream, my skin began to clear up! And now, it is completely gone. The confidence and comfort this has given me is astronomical. Thank you
I found you in a little pharmacy in Moonee Ponds called Red Pharmacy and bought the scalp lotion first , followed by the cream, then another scalp lotion for my mother, next the oil and back again within a week to buy another oil …hence, I have bought six products from your range in as many weeks without any encouragement or sales push ..I have spent a fortune on products with fancy French names and price tags so I am thrilled to find a product range I believe in . The scalp lotion was a refreshing change to the horrid tar and heavy products I’d been referred too elsewhere .. the labelling suited my philosophy for I like natural products but I want to be sure there is knowledge and expertise behind them. My days of rubbing patchouli oil have passed me by. But I noticed a difference in the scalp condition within two days . To begin, it is refreshing and light and doesn’t smear my hair like other oils…the fragrance is delightful, fruity and hearty rather than the wicked coal odour most fellow sufferers log around. ..the temptation to scratch has diminished as I no longer have crusts on my scalp which I was so ashamed of I wanted them gone, so of course I would scratch them. ..I really believe that if improvement continues, I will be able to return to the hair dressers next month and that is huge …that is really a sensational thing to look forward to given my scalp has been hidden for past three years As for the oils. I loved that little bottle ..I used it within a week and I wasn’t heavy handed. my HANDS , ARMS AND LEGS INSTANTLY revived, and it is such a delight to use. I have been using it on my face as well…I wonder if you would look upon me kindly and introduce a larger bottle? Say a 200 ml to start …and I would adore a face oil. In fact, I will put myself forward as a guinea pig so you can trial face oils on one who has spent a fortune of extravagant beauty products over time. …in fact, I am so confident that you hold the key to produce exactly what women are looking for, that I will gladly buy shares in your next range and take it to the streets. You see, there are many oils such as rose hip, jojoba etc. but they do not penetrate the skin…wash your face and they come off in the water…but PSO oil soaks in so the results are there in front of you. It is like giving a thirsty dog a bowl of water. You can see it doing them good. Finally,, whilst I am your greatest fan, may I also compliment you on your choice of stockists. Please don’t let those horrid big boys grab their greedy mitts on a product that is so pure and perfect, it is best sold at selected outlets. Moonee Ponds pharmacist is aside a medical clinic. The staff are encouraging and although they allow me the freedom to make my own conclusions, and would never impose on me, I so appreciate their positivity when I am ready to purchase. Their assurance of the benefits of the range is further enhanced when they ask for feedback….Sally

Before and after treatment with PsoEasy active cream
For a long time I suffered from severe dehydration in the hands that itched and bothered and was not aesthetically pleasing.
The dryness developed into Eczema and I tried various creams including a dedicated cream with steroids and nothing helped.
After a week of using the ACTIVE CREAM  from PsoEasy, there was a very significant improvement and today the hands are smooth. Neta

Text Message: Hiya, the cream that u got me is amazingggggggggggg!!!! Eczema is almost gone! Been the best now that is has for years! Thank you so much xxxxx
To whom it may concern, I have been suffering with eczma for nearly 30 years, it flares up regularly during changes in weather and at times when I am stressed. When I have these flare-ups the skin on my arms becomes so itchy that I scratch myself in my sleep, often until my arms bleed. I have tried many treatment options including different creams, solutions to bathe in and even oral treatments. Nothing has worked as quickly or as effectively as the psoeasy treatment cream. After just one week of using the cream daily I saw an improvement in my skins condition and less aggravation to my skin. I was not scratching during the day, or during the night. So I wanted to say thank you for this amazing product, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Regards Matt Elliot

PsoEasy Shampoo

This shampoo really helped to reduce psoriasis symptoms on my son’s head, red blemishes disappeared after a few days. A great new medicine without side effects.

Dear Psoeasy Thank you so much! I am so happy! My friend recommended the Face Easy Pack to me and I tried it, within 1 week my skin was clear, it’s like MAGIC! I have had bad pimples and blackheads since I was 13 years old, now I am 25 and I thought this would go on forever! Finally my skin is completely clear, all my friends and family are commenting that my skin is better and I feel great!! Ps; I’m also really happy that it’s all natural which makes me feel comfortable using it everyday. The soap smells really nice and unlike the unnatural stuff that I used in the past, the toner and moisturizer makes my skin feel balanced, not too dry or oily and I feel like my skin is breathing. I can’t thank you enough!! I’m definitely going to recommend this pack! Best wishes, Sarah Ben-Simon xxx Melbourne, Australia
I had a great result with Active Cream on the eczema on my face. This is the only cream that has actually worked for me of the 20 or so I’ve tried. Thank you, Hayley Mitchell Melbourne, Australia
Dear PSOEASY, I have already recommended your scalp lotion to a few friends. For years I was have been looking for something that actually works. It’s nice not needing to visit the dermatologist every other day. Thanks for the relief!
I have always had psoriasis on my scalp. Prior to discovering your products, I tried many treatments with little or no success. I became quite desperate and I really felt there was nothing out there that would help. After a few weeks of giving PSOEASY shampoo and scalp lotion a try, I’m happy to report that my psoriasis is barely noticeable now and the flaking has significantly reduced. It has made a huge difference to my life. Thank you for making such an excellent product!
I was very impressed with the positive results of the Psoeasy shampoo and scalp lotion. I am feeling very comfortable now with my scalp skin and hair. I have more confidence and can act naturally and not worry about getting a snowy shoulder.
The product is excellent, my knees and elbows were a mess. After using the psoeasy active cream for around 4 weeks my psoriasis is barely noticeable. Thank you very much. Roger
I started using a product I bought in Israel that I have fallen in love with. It is your skin treatment cream. I have had eczema on my hands, elbows and behind my knees for a long time. Sometimes it’s ok, but sometimes it gets very itchy and red. I’ve been using the active cream and mild oil for 10 days now and it has made a huge difference. The itch is gone and the redness has faded to a light pink you can barely see. Thank you, this has been awesome for me.
Dear fellows at pseoasy, since starting on your products 2 weeks ago my psoriasis has reduced significantly and I’m feeling a lot better about it. I should have taken a photo of the area before I started the treatment so I could show you what it’s done. I can hardly see the psoriasis anymore. I am telling everyone I know about your products! Thank you.

Treatment for Atopic Dermatitis

I have atopic dermatitis since early childhood. I treated it using hormonal creams, but then I abandoned them. Every year I visit the sanatorium, undergo treatment, strictly adher to the diet. Last year I treated at the Dead Sea, where I bought PsoEasy Natural Oil. Honestly, I did not expect to have any result. I liked the composition of the product, and decided to try it. I applied oil every evening to the affected areas of the skin for three weeks. Result from PsoEasy Oil is stunning – it helped to get rid of peeling, reduce redness and oozing spots. Oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin very well. I was very pleased.


How I succeeded in alleviating my psoriasis symptoms

At first, I didn’t beleive in the effect the oil allegedly produced but after my neighbor showed me how his skin covered in disgusting flakes before, was almost symptom-free, I at once ordered this oil. It really came up to my expectations: the oil reduced my plaques and made my skin very smooth. I keep applying it.


Great Oil for Kids

My daughter has had psoriasis for 5 years. We tried a lot of diets, medications, UV light therapy but none of them really helped. Then I was recommended to try Psoeasy treatment and, you know, it retrieved my daughter’s former beautiful skin condition. Actually, I was surprised at such a rapid effect but I don’t really care about it, I’m just glad my kid is happy again.



Psoeasy oil leaves a terrific impact on your skin, I’ve been using it for 2 months and I’m pretty satisfied.


A perfect moisturizer

Hello, I want to tell you about my experience of dealing with this terrible condition. I suffer from psoriasis for many years, mainly plaques on the back. It is a problem area, as it is difficult to handle it on my own. The most difficult was to go through the night without injuring myself. Wounds are shelled; itching, bloody footprints on the sheets were not rare. Hormonal ointments helped but they cannot be used for a long time and as soon as you stop using them – it all comes back again. During a long time I was looking for a moisturizer that would help me at least to get rid of the terrible itching and to have normal sleep. PsoEasy Oil is one of the very many means I tried, which helped me. The instruction contained a lot of information that it may leave grease stains on the clothes, on the bed, soaks for a long period of time. I did not have anything of this. The skin is very dry and absorbed oil immediately. It perfectly softens, in the evening after a shower I smeared it and I can sleep peacefully. The effect is felt after the first application.


A good oil:)
To be honest, my doubts for the oil quality were debunked only after it reduced my thousands flakes on my back and neck. The only con is probably the price but all the rest is very satisfying

I Started using PSO Easy cream about 6 months ago. Make sure you stick to applying for 2 weeks continually and it WILL work. Has a longer lasting effect than any steroid creams I have used on my face and stops itchiness almost immediately. I cannot recommend highly enough.👍🏻