Psoriasis elbow

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a long-term (chronic) skin condition /disease that causes skin cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white, silvery, or red scaly patches of skin that can be sore or itchy.

Normally, skin cells grow gradually and flake off about every 4 weeks. New skin cells grow to replace the outer layers of the skin as they shed. But in Psoriasis, new skin cells move rapidly to the surface of the skin in days rather than weeks.

This forms thick patches that range in size from small to large. They most often appear on the knees, elbows, scalp, hands, feet, or lower back.

Affecting 2-3% of the population Psoriasis often begins in for sufferers in the late teens or early adulthood and can sometimes re-emerge in a person’s 50s.

What can cause Psoriasis flair up?

  • A cold and dry climate
  • Infections
  • Stress
  • Dry skin
  • And taking certain medicines.

Psoriasis is not contagious and there is currently no ‘cure’, however there are both natural and non-natural treatments available to manage symptoms.

Our suggestion for the best natural treatment for Psoriasis:

For Psoriasis on the body, we suggest using PSOEASY Hypo-Allergenic Soap BarPSOEASY Mild Natural Oil and PSOEASY Active Cream.

These three products work very well to treat Psoriasis of the body.

PSOEASY Hypo-Allergenic Soap Bar
is a unique combination of powerful active plant extracts, algae and Dead Sea Silt and is distinguished by its ability to penetrate skin pores, cleanse and purify skin thoroughly.

PSOEASY Soap Bar is designed to relieve, alleviate and prevent numerous skin conditions caused by climate and environmental factors.

The soap contains a moist layer for renewing skin cells and restoring the skin’s external appearance. The reason for its appearance is due to the 21-day sun-drying process.

PSOEASY Mild Natural Oil
is designed to relieve dry skin and improve skin hydration and softness levels.

The oil is made from a unique combination of plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals, which have been shown to be effective in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and seborrhoea. Mild Natural Oil contains natural ingredients including: Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Grape Seed Oil and Dead Sea minerals – well known for their skin purifying and healing properties.

PSOEASY Active Cream
is designed to treat and relieve dryness, redness and flaking of the skin. It is made from a unique natural formula, which includes Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts. The cream is an excellent source of nourishment for any skin type, however, it is especially effective at treating symptoms caused by inflammatory skin disorders.

Based on years of research and development, the PsoEasy natural and active formula is effective in relieving symptoms caused by psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema and seborrhoea.

Active Cream’s formula contains 21 natural ingredients including Calendula, Tea tree oil and Mahonia aquifolium.

Active Cream is simple to use, easily absorbed by the skin, does not stain clothes and leaves a pleasant scent.


Tips to Alleviate Body Psoriasis

In order to increase the duration of remission of patients with psoriasis, especially body psoriasis and reduce psoriasis breakout all over body, doctors strongly recommend to apply number of simple rules on a daily basis which will ensure the effectiveness of treatments to relieve the symptoms of the condition. Here are some techniques and tips that every person with psoriasis should know:

  • In addition to day-by-day hydration of your skin with a cream, we recommend to use a humidifier to keep the air from your home or office moist. This technique will keep your skin supple, nourished and hydrated enough as well as make psoriasis plates disappear faster.
  • Be careful when using perfumes. Most soaps and perfumes contain dyes or other chemicals that can irritate and aggravate your skin. Dermatologists recommend that patients should avoid using this type of products or choose products specifically designed for sensitive skin.
  • A healthy diet can play a very important role in the management of psoriasis all over body. Removing red meat and high-fat food from your diet can reduce the flare-ups of the disease and whole body psoriasis risk since in some cases these foods are considered psoriasis triggers. Cold water fish, seeds, nuts and omega-3 fatty acids are widely known for their ability to reduce inflammation and psoriasis on body.
  • Any chronic illness like psoriasis can be a source of stress. Know that stress itself can aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis and quite often it turns into a vicious circle. A great number of studies on psoriasis show that stress reduction practices allow patients to prolong periods of remission.
  • Alcohol consumption is considered to be one of the main triggers of psoriasis, mainly psoriasis on body. According to the studies conducted, people who consume alcohol are twice as likely to develop psoriasis compared to people who do not drink. Similarly, smoking may increase the risk of psoriasis onset. If you already have psoriasis, smoking can make your symptoms more severe.